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New Listings as of September 2017

How quickly summer has come and gone! Kids seem to be back in school so it’s time to post items for sale and let you shop them. Our latest additions are in the glassware section. We just added 36 pieces of Fostoria. There are pieces from three patterns. There is stemware from the pattern – Spartan-Clear. Dinner Plates from the pattern – Shirley and a complete three piece serving set from the pattern – Navarre Clear for serving Mayonnaise. Additionally there is a sugar and creamer from the Navarre Clear pattern.

You can see the entire group by clicking HERE.

New Listings as of March 2017

We have been taking a break from listing items but now we’re back at it again. This first week of March we have listed six (6) folding tables that we often used for yard sales. You can find the listings with pictures and prices here: Folding Tables for Sale.

We will be listing much more in the coming weeks as we know Spring is when people start looking for things… and we have lots of little things that need to go! We’re still clearing out one storage shed so keep watching… your Super Find may just show up right here on our website.

Thanks for reading. See our entire website by going here:

Old Glory Booklet Pane Stamps (in the booklet) for sale

This Booklet of 20 Lithographed stamps was issued April 3, 2003 to honor Old Glory. Throughout the booklet there are photographs and text describing collectible flag memorabilia. There are two sheets of stamps in this booklet. Each contains 10 stamps, 2 each of the five different stamps in this booklet. Here’s a brief list of the stamps: Uncle Sam on a bicycle with a 20th Century Liberty Flag, An 1888 Presidential Campaign Badge, An 1893 Silk Bookmark, A Modern Hand Fan and a Carving of a Woman with a Flag and a Sword, 19th Century.

This booklet has been stored in an environmentally controlled space for the past 13 years. It will display well in your collection. There are no tears, bends, folds or marks on this item.

To see the front and rear covers and to make this item yours, please CLICK HERE.

New Listings for September 2016 in Stamps

Hello again after a substantial absence. We’re listing stamps again at the Crazed Collector website’s stamp pages.

When we last posted, we were in the throes of moving and that really put a damper on doing anything related to selling online as all our stocks were in storage, including our computers.

Now that we’re back at it, you’ll begin to see more and more stamps listed. Feel free to email us if you have any questions or requests. And, I would be negligent if I didn’t mention that you certainly may make OFFERS on any of the stamps you find listed here.

To quickly jump to our list of United States stamps for sale, click HERE.

Latest listings in our Furniture category

Today we updated the Furniture category of our website. Since we’re moving there are several really neat items that we love but simply can NOT take with us since we’re moving to a MUCH smaller place.

There is a beautiful antique sideboard that has been in our dining room for probably 15 years or more as well as an antique Jam Safe that was a birth present to our daughter from a neighbor.

There are also a couple of love seats, a wrought iron dining table, four handmade bar stools and a massive audio-visual equipment cabinet there as well. You can find all of this and more at our website at The Crazed Collector dot Com in our Virtual Yard Sale section.

We will be adding more soon… like a large dining table with six matching chairs and more chairs and miscellaneous items.

Email me if any of these items interest you at and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Thanks and have a great week!

David Perkins
The Crazed Collector
Frederick, Maryland, USA

It’s soon going to be Halloween!

Hello again,

Today it’s time to talk about Halloween and NO, we don’t have a whole bunch of junk to sell in this venue.

We only have one item for sale but it’s REALLY neat so it should be talked up a little.

A couple of years ago we had a really fun Halloween party at our house and my wife sent out the invitations to the party in a REALLY different way. She sent them in a Miniature Sarcophagus… You know, that think that King Tut was buried in down under the Pyramids in Egypt…

Miniature Sarcophagus image

To learn all about this neat item and how to get yours today,
Click HERE

Don’t wait until the last minute and find out that someone has already purchased ALL of them!

Have a great Halloween season.

This week, we’re listing more TABLES for sale.

Among all the items we have for sale there are several tables we’ve had in our house that will not FIT in the much smaller place we’re moving to… so they’re for sale.

There’s a Wrought Iron table with a big glass top that dates back to the 1800’s that is a real show piece. Six people can be seated comfortabley at this table but we’ve squeezed in eight people on several occasions and that worked just fine. The glass table top is at least 1/4″ thick and at 84″ X 30″ it’s quite heavy.

wrought iron dining table with glass top, image
Click to see larger image.

Then there’s the Coffee Table with matching End Tables that we know date back into the 1940’s. They’re quite elegant and if this decor suits you style, they’re waiting for you take them home! Come see them and fall in love with them as my Aunt did.

Hand carved coffee table and end tables, image
Click to see larger image.

This little table we call our “Wheat Table”. The glass top is 30″ in diameter and this table is 22″ in height. It is quite unusual and we think you’ll like it as much as we do… but it too must GO! Come see it and make it yours.

wheat table with glass top, image
Click to see a closeup of the base.

Once our Physical Yard Sale is over… we will sell you the tables we display all of our items ON. You can see the list and pictures HERE

You can find all these tables and more at our Virtual Yard Sale HERE

More items added for sale as we continue to downsize for our move.

We keep looking around and wonder where we got all the “stuff” we’ve collected over the 18 years we’ve lived at our current abode and we think back to all the auctions and yard sales we’ve attended and that answers a lot of questions as to where things came from. What we don’t know is why did we keep all of it!

I found a box this past week that contains an assortment of knives that you will find when you click HERE

In our Virtual Yard Sale listings we updated the Tables link to add a pair of end tables that go with the coffee table that was already there. You can see them by clicking HERE.  There are more tables to be added to that page so check back often.

There’s a listing on our Virtual Yard Sale page for Plates, Dishes, Bowls, etc… and we haven’t gotten that page done yet but when we have our actual physical Yard Sale, you can count on us having stacks of dishes, plates, bowls and glass ware out for sale.  We have two or three generations collected here and most of it has to GO somewhere else… even if that’s Goodwill!  So come on down when we post our actual Yard Sale and take advantage of some GREAT prices.

Great Pickle Dish with fork.

Pickle Dish, Tray & Fork

This little Pickle Dish with serving fork is one of “too many” items to list separately on the website. You can reach out to us at any of our contact methods you’ll find at ( and we’ll chat about the price.

Check out our new FURNITURE listings

Over the weekend we listed more items for your shopping pleasure.

First we added a Solid Black Walnut Bedroom Suite which is comprised of a Vanity with Mirror and Bench, a Chest of Drawers and a Standard Size Double Bed with matching Night Stand. See it HERE.

Next we added a Solid Mahogany Bedroom Suite which is comprised of a 6 Drawer Vanity with Mirror, an 8 Drawer Chest, and a Standard Size Double Bed with matching Night Stand. The 6 Drawer Vanity, the 8 Drawer Chest and the Night Stand all have 1/4″ glass on to protect the tops of these items. See this suite HERE.

As we continue downsizing…

We’re really into the downsizing mode here and if you look at Craigslist on occasion you may find some of our items there. Some of what we have to sell is just too big for website listings so we’re using every online method we can find to sell our items. This week we have a great swivel rocker, a skylight, an electical panel (breaker box), a box full of brand new birdhouses, Cal Ripken memorabilia, a set of Meito fine China and much more listed on Craigslist and there will be more listed soon.

As soon as this heat wave and stormy weather breaks and a good weekend comes along… watch for us to have a Yard Sale to end all yard sales. We do it up right and our prices will make you smile. So keep your eyes open and watch for our yard sale.