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Have you seen our Virtual Yard Sale pages?

The Crazed Collector invites you to check out our “Virtual Yard Sale” pages.

In this section of our website we list items you’d typically find at a yard sale or at an auction.

We’re downsizing so we can move and to do that… there’s a LOT of stuff we have to get rid of.

Being Collectors… we have LOTS of stuff and there is simply much more than we have time to list (separately) so you’ll find pages that contain photo’s of items and an item name. If any of these items interest you enough, email us and we’ll share more about that item. You can even make an up-front offer and if that works for us… it’s yours!

We will also be having a couple of ACTUAL yard sales this spring (2014) so watch our website for an announcement about them. If you’re in the greater Washington, DC metro area we would invite you to drop by our yard sales, they always draw a crowd, and you’re welcome to shop ’till you drop!

You can get great prices on our items and we can reduce our inventory. We’ll both benefit!

Thanks for visiting our blog.

David Perkins
(aka) The Crazed Collector
Frederick, Maryland

Lots of new Mint United States Stamps now listed

In our Stamps section, you can now find lots of new, as in… Mint, Never Hinged, Original Gum condition… U.S. Postage stamps. These are REAL postage stamps and NOT stickers like you get these days.  I’ve quit collecting as I am totally fed up with stickers!

You can take advantage of the prices you’ll find in our listings. If you’d like to make an OFFER on any or ALL of the stamps listed, please feel free to email me at: and do so.

I’m nowhere near done listing stamps so check back from time to time to see what’s new.

Not only am I listing NEW stamps, I also have lots and lots of used stamps that are hinged in albums… so if you’re looking for something special, email me your want list and I will get back to you if I have what you’re looking for and we can come to an agreement on a price.


Military Pins for Collectors or Veterans

Today it’s time to mention that we accumulated quite a few military lapel pins that you might find interesting… especially if you were (or are) a Vietnam or Desert Storm era person. WE offer pins starting with the American Flag through each of the branches of the services, special unit pins and then campaign pins.

We think you’ll find them to be reasonably priced and if they’re not for you, they could make a great gift for that special someone that you know, work with or socialize with from time to time.  Either way, they’re neat to look at so why not go take a look?  You’ll find our pins in the shopping cart we’re beginning to load up.  The pins are located HERE.

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Welcome to The Crazed Collector’s Blog

The Crazed Collector’s website is a listing of items we’ve collected over the years and items that we had at some of the shops in our booths in an antiques  mall in downtown Frederick, Maryland before the terrorist’s attacked on 9-11.  After that date we were not making enough sales in our booths to cover the space rent so we closed our “brick-and-mortar” adventure and decided to offer our wares online. As you can see… we’re still at it!  The intention of this blog is to bring attention to the items we currently have listed and to bring attention to new items that we bring on… as time passes.

Please check out all our SPORTS Memorabilia that you can find quickly by clicking HERE.