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Old Glory Booklet Pane Stamps (in the booklet) for sale

This Booklet of 20 Lithographed stamps was issued April 3, 2003 to honor Old Glory. Throughout the booklet there are photographs and text describing collectible flag memorabilia. There are two sheets of stamps in this booklet. Each contains 10 stamps, 2 each of the five different stamps in this booklet. Here’s a brief list of the stamps: Uncle Sam on a bicycle with a 20th Century Liberty Flag, An 1888 Presidential Campaign Badge, An 1893 Silk Bookmark, A Modern Hand Fan and a Carving of a Woman with a Flag and a Sword, 19th Century.

This booklet has been stored in an environmentally controlled space for the past 13 years. It will display well in your collection. There are no tears, bends, folds or marks on this item.

To see the front and rear covers and to make this item yours, please CLICK HERE.