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Latest listings in our Furniture category

Today we updated the Furniture category of our website. Since we’re moving there are several really neat items that we love but simply can NOT take with us since we’re moving to a MUCH smaller place.

There is a beautiful antique sideboard that has been in our dining room for probably 15 years or more as well as an antique Jam Safe that was a birth present to our daughter from a neighbor.

There are also a couple of love seats, a wrought iron dining table, four handmade bar stools and a massive audio-visual equipment cabinet there as well. You can find all of this and more at our website at The Crazed Collector dot Com in our Virtual Yard Sale section.

We will be adding more soon… like a large dining table with six matching chairs and more chairs and miscellaneous items.

Email me if any of these items interest you at and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Thanks and have a great week!

David Perkins
The Crazed Collector
Frederick, Maryland, USA