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This week, we’re listing more TABLES for sale.

Among all the items we have for sale there are several tables we’ve had in our house that will not FIT in the much smaller place we’re moving to… so they’re for sale.

There’s a Wrought Iron table with a big glass top that dates back to the 1800’s that is a real show piece. Six people can be seated comfortabley at this table but we’ve squeezed in eight people on several occasions and that worked just fine. The glass table top is at least 1/4″ thick and at 84″ X 30″ it’s quite heavy.

wrought iron dining table with glass top, image
Click to see larger image.

Then there’s the Coffee Table with matching End Tables that we know date back into the 1940’s. They’re quite elegant and if this decor suits you style, they’re waiting for you take them home! Come see them and fall in love with them as my Aunt did.

Hand carved coffee table and end tables, image
Click to see larger image.

This little table we call our “Wheat Table”. The glass top is 30″ in diameter and this table is 22″ in height. It is quite unusual and we think you’ll like it as much as we do… but it too must GO! Come see it and make it yours.

wheat table with glass top, image
Click to see a closeup of the base.

Once our Physical Yard Sale is over… we will sell you the tables we display all of our items ON. You can see the list and pictures HERE

You can find all these tables and more at our Virtual Yard Sale HERE