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More items added for sale as we continue to downsize for our move.

We keep looking around and wonder where we got all the “stuff” we’ve collected over the 18 years we’ve lived at our current abode and we think back to all the auctions and yard sales we’ve attended and that answers a lot of questions as to where things came from. What we don’t know is why did we keep all of it!

I found a box this past week that contains an assortment of knives that you will find when you click HERE

In our Virtual Yard Sale listings we updated the Tables link to add a pair of end tables that go with the coffee table that was already there. You can see them by clicking HERE.  There are more tables to be added to that page so check back often.

There’s a listing on our Virtual Yard Sale page for Plates, Dishes, Bowls, etc… and we haven’t gotten that page done yet but when we have our actual physical Yard Sale, you can count on us having stacks of dishes, plates, bowls and glass ware out for sale.  We have two or three generations collected here and most of it has to GO somewhere else… even if that’s Goodwill!  So come on down when we post our actual Yard Sale and take advantage of some GREAT prices.

Great Pickle Dish with fork.

Pickle Dish, Tray & Fork

This little Pickle Dish with serving fork is one of “too many” items to list separately on the website. You can reach out to us at any of our contact methods you’ll find at ( and we’ll chat about the price.