Decorative Miniature Sarcophagus Now Available

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About The Miniature Sarcophagus

While doing an inventory of our collectables we discovered another of those un-opened boxes! We were excited to find a box containing a number of Decorative Miniature Sarcophagi. In addition to the image above, there is a link below for a side view. You'll see, from the pictures, that this item opens so you can place something memorable inside of it before sending it along to surprise a friend (or friends)? These are already in a shipping box so they'll get to you, and on to your friend(s) in GREAT shape. We have several so order quickly before this page is removed!

HINT: This makes a great container for your Halloween Party Invitations!

Each item, packed for shipping, weighs in at 1 pound, 2.5 ounces. And boxed for shipping, they measure 3.25" X 3.5 X 10". Actual measurements of these pieces are: 9" tall, 2.5" wide X 2.5" depth.

Click HERE for a side view of the Miniature Sarcophagus.

Our price for this Miniature Sarcophagus, INCLUDING SHIPPING, is $19.95

Click the "Add To Cart" button below to pay and we'll get one on its way to you!



If you live in the Greater Washington, D.C. metro area and you want to drive to Frederick, Maryland and pick up all of these Decorative Miniature Sarcophagi, we can set up a mutually agreeable time for you to come pick them up or, if you desire, we'll ship them to you for whatever shipping costs us. We're a small "Mom & Pop" operation so there's NO Free Shipping here. If you like to haggle over prices, come on down! We enjoy haggling as much as anyone and we do it all the time!

You can contact us at any of our contact links shown on our Contact Us page and we'll arrange a time for you to pick them up.


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